Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Count it up to my karmic calories...cakies!

Vacation time for a working mother often means a long list of plans of what you wanna do that you never get to do.

  • nurture a plant
  • go to the beach at least once a week and relax to the sound of the ocean
  • go in the pool
  • read a good book
  • start a new hobby

etc....well these were things on my list....so what have i done with those things?

 ummmmm nothing. I did conduct a summer camp though so that beats all..lol

But hey, the summer is not over and I have time to do those things as well as create more to accomplish.

Here is one thing I was glad to accomplish.  I made cookies for my Madi's summer nursery pals!!!

Let's be honest..they wont even remember this..and theyre too young for me to be the "cool mom", but
it really made me feel good!

Motherhood is awesome, and its never too early to begin traditions.

I present to you like minded mommas a recipe shared by a good friend of mine, that I gave to all the little sweeties. Enjoy the pics and the recipes!

If Karma is still in the rewarding business then I'm sure my sweet treat is on the way....
  not because I deserve it....but because the person will enjoy doing it for me., by nature of who they are, just because they're awesome, and they realize how special it is to be apart of my world..as i realize with my baby and these little ones.

Oooey Gooey oh so good butter cakies!!

I like this recipe because it is soft for little toddlers to handle, especially with my Madi in mind since her teeth haven't all come in.  The cookies have a cake like texture, and are free of nuts and chocolate that could fuel allergies.
Wanna try it?
Here's my recipe.

Get these! your brands of choice
an egg, 8oz.cream cheese, stick of butter, sprinkles. yellow cake mix, confectioners or powdered sugar
and  pure vanilla extract

Until it looks like so.

It will have somewhat of a sticky texture.  no worries. Cover it with foil and place it in the freezer for 2 or 2.5 hours.

When you take it out. begin preheating our oven to 300-350 degrees, I used the lowest setting to avoid burning them.
Now.....go ahead and Slap it with a spoon..lol..yes I said slap it..and see if anything comes off on the spoon.

like this:

I slapped that batter like Tami did to Meka on Basketball Wives!


It didnt fight back! When yours does the same you know its for enough ad ready for baking

Now  roll them into one inch balls and then sprinkle each one with the confectioners/powdered sugar. It will get a little sticky if the weather is warm or humid. My technique was to do it fast and rinse my hands with cold water every now n then for a smooth clean surface to roll with.

It should look like this.:

Then pop em in the oven. Like this:

Well of course this was during baking...we have one very wayward cakie!

After about 7-10 minutes, check them to see if a fork poked int he middle comes out clean or the tops are  a little more golden (not brown) and to see if they are firm.
Cooking times will vary. 

Here they are all done and so nice!!!!!!

To you

From me!