Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm not a blogger, I just think alot...

  Kudos to all the persons out there that are actively involved in blogging and maintaining their blog.

The cool backgrounds and layouts and giveaways and allll that jazz are so delicious!!!!

Somehow though, a 9-5, a family, hobbies, and obligations sometimes make it hard for blogging mom's to stay on top of things. You've gotta manage your time like to the letter!

Many people ask me..where do you find the time! And I dont even have a fancy blog. lol

  Blog topics can swirl around in our heads all day and by the time we are able to sit still and actually relax...who wants to do something other than a mindless activity!? (Just me? O.K)

 So to all the fabulous mom bloggers out there, I tip my cheese doodle-late -night-snack to you and all your free time having selves!!!

  With that said....I just want to conclude with this..>>>.Great posts to come!!...I'm working on a whole BUNCH of new things.Im so EXCITED! Definitely adventuring! I cant wait to share with you!!!!!! As soon as my baby girl decides to stop mixing water on the living room floor, trying on my highest heels, plastering her body with her skin cream and drinking the bubble solution instead of blowing it, I'll be right on it.

But for blogging hiatus is explained as such....Im not a blogger, I just think alot.