Thursday, January 24, 2013

Social Networks - The TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE!

Y'all remember MySpace, Hi5, BlackPlanet ?......The era of the social network!

Everyday we turn on our laptops, or smart pads and connect to a source before we do anything else.

Usually that source is a social network.

We are seemingly addicted to plugging in to other's lives.

But what is it really all about?

The internet is a living, 'breathing' thing! A consciousness.

We decide what part of that consciousness we want to align ourselves to.

Look at your Facebook friends.  Look at their names..their aliases....their pictures....Read their posts. Are they largely ignorant, bitching, catty, sarcastic....or mostly political, revolutionary, philosophical? Know that you create your space in these social networks; It is an insight to the connections that you willfully make because of WHO YOU ARE.

Check out your twitter timeline. Is it mostly uplifting, full of movers and shakers, thinkers and consciousness,.....or riddled with mindless banter to fill up the spaces between your obligations?

The people we log in to watch, stalk or interact with...are an extension of our consciousness.

So when you log in again, or no doubt go back to the Facebook or twitter page that is already open on your browser, take a look at the opportunities you have opened your spirit to by who you've chosen...because of where you are in your life.

LIKE your existence enough to build it and not contaminate it!

Retweet a version of yourself that you are proud of!

I realized that social networks weren't always what I was made to believe they were, places to connect to OTHERS and meet people. They are ways to open your eyes to all the extensions of your self and your desires.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Get outta here!

"UGHHH!! Get outta here!"

You are a sniveling, complaining, judgmental  whiny, negative Nancy, bitter Shleprock, and we can't deal with your bad air anymore!!

At the beginning of each year, most people join exercise programs, start new diets and explore avenues of self-help. Its a time of restoration and a sense of new beginnings.


The effort that it takes to stay optimistic and to commit to being in a peaceful and abundant state of mind is priceless. It takes discipline and determination and a certain Je ne sais quoi to keep your head above water. The last thing you need when you've decided to take that journey is a person in your circle or your personal space, spewing venom, subliminal resentment or spilling their self pity everywhere.

I'm not talking about people who have genuine problems that are difficult or have gone through trauma or hardship or emotional turmoil. We enjoy being there for our friends when life is hard on them.

 I'm talking about people who spend so much time judging others, putting on a show, or feeling like the world owes them a favor because of their own self-proclaimed fabulousness, that they don't realize they are toxic themselves...until nobody wants to bother with them much anymore. (And even then they think its everyone else. - No one is jealous of you, ....its you! Your attitude and your mindset suck!)

There is also much to be said for those that are not genuine. Just because you are pleasant, does not mean you are nice. The false exterior can be so transparent! Examine your thoughts, and the mind you are in when you speak to others or about their situations. If you are ugly on the inside, no amount of fake will prevent others from "feeling your vibes" ...people are more intuitive than you think. are grown.....get your self together!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Get REAL !!!

In quantum physics, theory states that "An object does not exist independently of its observer!"...which means things don't exist until we pay attention to, or look at it, or perceive it. I don't know about y'all but THAT'S HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! #EPIPHANY

I've always been of the conviction that when we have a problem we should look at it from every angle. Study it, figure it out, worry and lose sleep over the pros and cons of it and then formulate a plan.

But if we were to take the approach that Quantum Physics suggests in theory, to our thoughts , that "An object does not exist independently of its observer!"..... THEN IT MEANS THAT OUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS HAVE NO LIFE UNTIL WE DECIDE TO LOOK AT THEM, STUDY THEM AND BREATHE MEANING INTO THEM.

Even if the theoretical magic of quantum physics does not lend itself to our cerebral outpourings, can it be applied with the same effect?

I put it to the test myself. Having been confronted with strong emotion, rejection or resentment, I chose to BREATHE through the emotion, letting it pass over me, rather than become a part of me. I allowed myself to feel it, without actually focusing on it. I focused on my breathing..the energy emanating from my hands..feet.....body...and focused on the present moment..until all I felt was peace.

Talk about a "Peace that surpasses all understanding!" 

Ever had a WOW moment? Well I love Oprah, but pardon me for one second because "aha!" will not do justice to the realization in that moment.

It gave a whole new meaning to the term "Get real!"

At that point I was in control. My thoughts were bought to subjection. And I was not a slave to the person or thing that was the catalyst for setting off those thoughts and resultant emotions in me.

It was the beginning of an unlearning...the  burning of a miseducation.....creating my own REAL!

Do you dare to get REAL? 

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Ramen Noodle life transformation

It's January 7th.... 7 days into the new year, and some people are already about that Ramen noodle  life. How many ways can you fix 30 cent noodles until you realize that this is crazy?!

Christmas and the jollification of the holidays came and went and most of our dollars with it.
But besides the constant brainwashing of consumerism, what else is to blame?

How many of us are dining on the choicest canned meats and unnamed animal body parts in the struggle to make it to pay day?

Are you stretching that perm? Limiting those car runs? Sweating out your makeup because you wanna conserve ac? Drinking all the company coffee and tea in a fight til time to go home?

Santa is not pleased.

"You've been bad...."

 Are we bought up in a culture that promotes paying ourselves first, saving our money and planning for the things we desire, investing or spending responsibly?

And if we aren't, how can we change that for future generations?

1.) Do our kids have a piggy banks that we encourage them to fill before they invest their money into the latest trend or tempting sweets?

2.) Do we introduce the concept of "saving" and "bank" and "cost" and "expenses" and "wealth" early in life?

We've started the concept of saving early....

3.) Do we make the topic of consumerism a table topic? Do we teach our kids to be informed consumers and to research their investments or do we let them fall prey to marketing and peer pressure by showing them that we're willing to survive on suspect proteins and starches just to keep up with the Joneses?

Start today. Our future begins with the making right of our wrong doings by teaching and doing a new thing. Tuna salad and rice anyone?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

One man's trash...

Recently I've had the good fortune of HAVING to clear out the trunk of my car....

Fun right?  ( Insert dancing emoticon.animation here)

So I decided to tackle the old slouch bags in my closet too. You know the ones that we always throw "meaningful" things into and forget them once the day is done. Only to have em catch dust in the corner of our closets.

Old pictures, magazines, love letters, unfinished projects...... So many new opportunities to re-energize, remember, restart, and reminisce. Who knew how cathartic throwing out old crap really is?

It wasn't only a lesson in how to hoard less when you have to, it was an epiphany.

Energy cannot be destroyed! I didn't discover that principle/theory. But as I rumbled through, sorting, throwing out and gathering together, I realized that :

1.) Throwing out things we no longer use doesn't destroy their memory or the chance of them being needed later on. It helps us to learn the lesson of letting go of what no longer serves us without forgetting it. We can throw it away and regain the energy that holding on to things that no longer serve us, is draining.

2.) Holding on to things that we know will help us can force us to action to rekindle what we have lost sight of.
A picture of our former healthy bodies, or a smile that we no longer know...a project to-do list unanswered...a book unread....

What unfinished business do you have lurking in your closets. trunks, drawers...

What energy do you need to reclaim or transform?