Tuesday, November 6, 2012


8 hours..a sore throat..a headache. tense shoulders..school pickup..a lively toddler.....a sink of  dishes and a faceless skinned chicken breast later..I asked myself. Is this everything?!

Is this all?!

Do you have energy to pursue your passions when your obligations pull you in every direction but the pillow?

The Ambitious woman choosing a life of motherhood and a profession that is not the be all and end all of her personal goals soon realizes that 24 hours is not enough. Unless you have support. But some things can be neglected in the thirst for "More" from life; Namely yourself!

One day it hit me. What else do I want? And WHY?

Is M-O-M not enough? Is ME not enough?

When I leave this earth where does my legacy lie? In the projects I've done? In the professional seat I've warmed day to day decorated by critique and protocol? In the letters behind my name?

What will really count when my daughter has to go out into the world as an independent person? Will it be how many people that believe that Im worthy? Or how many things that validate my worth?

What is ENOUGH for you?

What part of you is enough?....... What part of you will you leave behind?