Random Obsessions

These are a few of my FAVORITE THINGS!

Sidenote: I was NOT paid for any review. Just my personal fav's

My current crush  just happens to be this fabulous lip balm. ( <--click the link)

Besides it being the cutest thing ever, ..its gluten and paraben free, and made from organic and natural products. We know how easy it is to ingest what we put on our lips through eating, snacking, drinking, licking your lips, etc. So its important to make sure that we arent using anything toxic or harmful.

PLUS The design is so chic!!!!!!!!!

And with flavors like Strawberry Sorbet and Summer Fruit...my girly side swoons at the sound of it.

Cute and smart? Yes! Just like me. :-)

I asbolutely love it and I'm currently ordering LOTS.

Random Obsession #2 - June 6th, 2012

Get a whiff of this!!!!!!!!

Hey Dolls!!!

I came upon this great fragrance just in time for summer!

Its light. yet still has some deep tones that keep it sophisticated and appealing.

I keep mine in the refrigerator sometimes so that after a bath or shower I can spritz it on and have a cool fragrant treat!

THIS IS A MUST TRY!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a plug ( and no I wasnt paid for this..or asked to mention it ) .they're only $14.00 on the website .----> Link--->.Yummy product link here and that's the same price that a lady here in Freeport, (Bahamas) sells them for!!! I will post a link to her Facebook page ------>,   Sweet Elegance  so that if you're interested you can get a few from her.

This is my fav scent but Im definitely getting more! And with names like Coconut Lime Breeze, Sea Island Cotton, Fresh Pink Strawberries and Pink Chiffon...its a delicious lineup!!!!

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