Monday, May 28, 2012

Wendy's Philosophy. Conference with Madison, Freud, Dave and Me,

At about 18 months when my daughters vocabulary began to expand enormously, I noticed that she would call every man "Daddy"

On the line in Wendy's, I noticed that she was looking at another man with glasses, and saying : "Daddy"

Aside from being embarrassed that he might think I'm a baby mama who's child didn't know their daddy; I was concerned because I needed to know why my baby girl was confused about identifying her father all of a sudden.

She kept doing this, and I kept getting my share of the Maury Povich glare from strangers.

As weeks went by, we found ourselves back in Wendy's, and suddenly it hit me. When she called another man on the line "Daddy" I said to her. "No baby...say Man. That's not Daddy. That's a man"

As we sat down at a table in the restaurant to have our usual lunch date, a picture of "DAVE" the Wendy's founder guy, was on the wall. Madison pointed to it and said "See Man."

I was so excited! "Yes baby.. that's a man."

Then she pointed at an elderly gentleman in the restaurant and said "See Man..fries..."

"Yes baby...the man is eating his fries." She smiled! I smiled! We had a breakthrough. She now understood that we don't call all males 'daddy'. These species were called men, and only one out of millions in the world, is your father.

I took out my wallet and showed her a picture of her dad. "Who is this baby?" I asked.

"Da-dee" she said!

She's never had a problem confusing them again.

What it told me was that Freud was on to something. ( DUH.....LOL) And it made me question exactly how deep the whole psychology of Daddy being the model of man for a woman, is.

Do we as women and adolescent girls see our Daddy as THE model for man?

And if so how much do our fathers, their presence or absence distort or create our entire experience of men and relationships with men?

Implications.....I'll allow you to form your own based on your experience with or without your father.

Just something to think about.