Wednesday, October 5, 2011


How do Mom's do it?

They're part alien thats how. Im sure God knew that we could survive no other way than to be made part alien.  We are definitely of a separate type of dust than men.

We carry another human being in our body for nine months and nurture them for goodness sake..and then the miracle of bringing a child into the world is an awesome and unreal thing for such "civilized creatures!!!

The Best thing that ever came out of Beyonce's mouth was when she said " strong enough to bear the children..then get back to business"...well actually she said 'bidness'...but us moms..we know how to decipher all types of babble....

I have to say that we often take for granted the well dressed mom that is punctual, kids are well dressed, she is organized and doesn't have a load of bags under her eyes and she is actually involved in her own personal pursuits and holds down a job and takes care of things at home too..WOW!!!! THATS A SUPERWOMAN.

Mothering is hard work for those who care enough to do it right, and for those that mother by default it is still quite a task...And I'm not even talking about raising them with morals and self esteem yet..that's a whole 'nother supernatural endeavour.

My days often involve getting up...hitting snooze twice, getting ready for work, making a morning bottle and ironing clothes..driving to drop off my baby girl, making sure I talk to her teacher about whats going on, speeding to work, burning tons of calories teaching and tearing my hair out in my classroom and trying to redirect energies of the drama in the workplace...get back home..breathe for 1 second - Literally....( half an inhale), and then play with the baby, surf the net  - if im lucky.  cook dinner, and then get her ready for bed...pack her bags and her the time that I get to actually breathe and relax its like 12 a.m. and I've gotta do it all over again.

I'm not doing an all out tribute to "Baby Mamas" like fantasia..cuz youve gotta be REALLLLLLLY  a super woman or mildly crazy to have alot of kids without live in help or a married  or serious partner to assist. But this is a tribute to mothers everyone to say that I SALUTE YOU!!!!!!! I recognize that we do way more than people will ever realize having to work and do the home job.

SUPERWOMEN everywhere.....You rock!

Now back to "bidness". Word of the day Beyonce...for sure. :-)

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