Saturday, March 3, 2012

Listen you Transformers!!!.....

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And its NAP TIME..The best time of day ( Martini glass *cheers* to all my mommy's out there!)

Hey guys...I've been Burdened by some B words lately.

Some B words that have become too commonplace as adjectives, synonyms and definitions of women. Let's call them TRANSFORMERS.


           BAGGAGE              BITTER                BITCH

How do you like them bad boys?

Its not strange for us to hear ourselves and women that we know equated with these heavy 10 pound words. Sometimes they use 'em all in one sentence about 1 solitary woman. 

They tell a story though. 
A story of a woman that is no longer her ORIGINAL, SINGULAR SELF.

It tells a story of a woman that has been, TRANSFORMED...if you will....into something lesser, heavier and darker, because of her building walls and adorning her self with jaded attitudes due to negative experiences, emotions and encounters.

In my Miseducation, I can recall how I figured: 

Being a "grown up" would somehow work it all out. I would finally get a chance to be ME. And do MY things. And go where I want. And be who I am.

But how quickly life showed me that BEING A GROWN UP IS THE ONE THING THAT WILL TEST WHO YOU REALLY ARE. And it's then up to you to show the world that what you're made of is greater than the lessons; greater than the painful realizations; greater than the people that manifest truths and evils in our lives.

When we carry people from one lesson to another - Baggage.
When we carry disappointment from one lesson to another and guard our hearts with swords and anger- Bitch
When we carry poison from our painful experiences into new encounters and mingle them together - Bitterness

Then we become defined and derailed by the things that are suppose to help us define ourselves.

We all have these low points that make or break us. Can I get an Amen? 

For me, This is When I asked God to allow me to be open to the truth of the Universe and not my emotions. And do you know that in this 2012, iPhone era, of this attend-church-only-once-in-a-while-woman's life God answered me!?! 

God allowed the universe to speak to this emotional Cancer, fairy-taled, miseducated female clearly....

Here is the truth that he shared with me, that I now share with you and welcome you to post on your mirrors, on your hearts in your wallets, on your doors, and in your little girls ears.....


You do not have to hate a thing in order to release it. When you hate and despise, you change yourself, you kill your own spirit. When you exact revenge, the thing you despise is controlling YOU, and YOUR emotions...and YOUR thoughts and ordering YOUR steps. BE STILL. Meaning...still love, still remain calm, still show kindness...and simply remove yourself from the source of your discontent...reevaluate, learn the lesson, and emerge stronger, and still YOU. MY GOD! What a revelation! What is controlling you?

Love you all! 

Dont forget to leave me notes and comments so we can share! 

*whispers* - follow!!!!!  

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