Monday, December 17, 2012

The other Great Equalizer

It has been said that education is the great equalizer of peoples, but verily I say unto you....

The great equalizer of women is not education...,it is "the other woman"

A man will SHAME you with the "other woman".

 After you have toiled and tired at making yourself 'elite' enough AND "Refined" enough, and after you've touted all your natural beauty and elegant regalia and flaunted your educated opinion, and are worthy to be called "wife material" or "professional", it is then that he will HUMBLE you with the most ratchet of selections. 

Sadly the first to read this blog and say "not me".  He may just be working to make you apart of the club.

Am I a woman scorned? Hardly. Just a woman who has taken off the rose colored glasses and embraced that the previous ideals were apart of my Miseducation.

Am I saying that all men are inevitably unfaithful? Trick Question. Well,  No. .....But in the event that he is....Don't ever compare yourself to the other woman or "measure up" and feel bad about yourself, because it hardly ever has anything to do with you.

You could be a beaut!, brilliant! Charismatic! It DOES NOT matter.

Whether or not we leave a man behind after infidelity, be sure that you bear in mind this:

The motive for cheating doesn't require smarts or beauty or an ideal package to be fulfilled!

Just a paper bag..and an alibi!,,,and THAT levels the playing field!

Be good luvs!

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