Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mirror on the wall...

Lately I've found myself getting lost in myself.

  Have you ever played so many roles at once that you become disoriented about your purpose?

Have you ever felt like the 'you', you didn't know you anymore?

You looked in the mirror and saw someone who was so many things to so many people and yet didnt remember what it was like to just be herself?

I know Im not the only new mom that feels that way...perhaps not even the only woman period, that feels this way!

I used to always yearn for these labels ( as the teens and twenty somethings do) : Professional, entrepreneur, wife, mother.........

But Now it all seems like just labels on a travelling chest, showing my travaills along life's path. Im seeing the souveniers and the pictures of times past...but who am I really now? What next? What do these labels really mean? Am I the same me that I was before I had them? Whats changed?

How do you find the time, energy and frame of mind to reconnect with yourself?

Im thinking ..frivolously of course.....a makeover, time retreat inclusive of some pampering, and maybe some alone time spent in solemn self reflection and setting steel resolves....

I heard someone say yesterday : YOU CANNOT LOVE WHAT YOU DO NOT VALUE....And I thought to myself. Suppose you don't even know what you are? How do you value something when you cant really and truly define the essence of it?

We need to be able to answer these that we can be a guiding light to show our children where to look for the same....

Who are you to you today?

What is your value?

How easy is it to answer that.? Even more interestingly..How hard?......

Take a long look in the mirror...and I know this is Cliche..but BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!!!!!

 ( Taking my own advice)


  1. Don't even get me started. At this point I am known as "da wife" as my husband and his friends so charmingly call me. The momma as Gabe calls me. The cook, the cleaner, the sex goddess, the sticky-note daily reminder, the finder, the butt and boogie wiper, and the occasional chew toy (don't know why my son thinks I am tasty!)So where is the girl/woman who use to write poetry and novels, paint, play the guitar, dance, knit,crochet? Buried in the back of the closet. *sigh* I miss her. I think I'm going to unlock that closet door and air it out.

  2. I love you sentiments exactly. lol

  3. Girl...and I think it has alot to do with the other article you wrote on the Feminist movement...I see a trend where it is okay for men to continue to be "themselves" pursue all these other interest (which is good actually and keeps them being them) but women are actually expected nowadays to be superhuman and are often frowned upon for pursuing the things that make them them in the first place.