Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Get REAL !!!

In quantum physics, theory states that "An object does not exist independently of its observer!"...which means things don't exist until we pay attention to, or look at it, or perceive it. I don't know about y'all but THAT'S HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! #EPIPHANY

I've always been of the conviction that when we have a problem we should look at it from every angle. Study it, figure it out, worry and lose sleep over the pros and cons of it and then formulate a plan.

But if we were to take the approach that Quantum Physics suggests in theory, to our thoughts , that "An object does not exist independently of its observer!"..... THEN IT MEANS THAT OUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS HAVE NO LIFE UNTIL WE DECIDE TO LOOK AT THEM, STUDY THEM AND BREATHE MEANING INTO THEM.

Even if the theoretical magic of quantum physics does not lend itself to our cerebral outpourings, can it be applied with the same effect?

I put it to the test myself. Having been confronted with strong emotion, rejection or resentment, I chose to BREATHE through the emotion, letting it pass over me, rather than become a part of me. I allowed myself to feel it, without actually focusing on it. I focused on my breathing..the energy emanating from my hands..feet.....body...and focused on the present moment..until all I felt was peace.

Talk about a "Peace that surpasses all understanding!" 

Ever had a WOW moment? Well I love Oprah, but pardon me for one second because "aha!" will not do justice to the realization in that moment.

It gave a whole new meaning to the term "Get real!"

At that point I was in control. My thoughts were bought to subjection. And I was not a slave to the person or thing that was the catalyst for setting off those thoughts and resultant emotions in me.

It was the beginning of an unlearning...the  burning of a miseducation.....creating my own REAL!

Do you dare to get REAL? 

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