Monday, January 7, 2013

The Ramen Noodle life transformation

It's January 7th.... 7 days into the new year, and some people are already about that Ramen noodle  life. How many ways can you fix 30 cent noodles until you realize that this is crazy?!

Christmas and the jollification of the holidays came and went and most of our dollars with it.
But besides the constant brainwashing of consumerism, what else is to blame?

How many of us are dining on the choicest canned meats and unnamed animal body parts in the struggle to make it to pay day?

Are you stretching that perm? Limiting those car runs? Sweating out your makeup because you wanna conserve ac? Drinking all the company coffee and tea in a fight til time to go home?

Santa is not pleased.

"You've been bad...."

 Are we bought up in a culture that promotes paying ourselves first, saving our money and planning for the things we desire, investing or spending responsibly?

And if we aren't, how can we change that for future generations?

1.) Do our kids have a piggy banks that we encourage them to fill before they invest their money into the latest trend or tempting sweets?

2.) Do we introduce the concept of "saving" and "bank" and "cost" and "expenses" and "wealth" early in life?

We've started the concept of saving early....

3.) Do we make the topic of consumerism a table topic? Do we teach our kids to be informed consumers and to research their investments or do we let them fall prey to marketing and peer pressure by showing them that we're willing to survive on suspect proteins and starches just to keep up with the Joneses?

Start today. Our future begins with the making right of our wrong doings by teaching and doing a new thing. Tuna salad and rice anyone?

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