Thursday, January 24, 2013

Social Networks - The TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE!

Y'all remember MySpace, Hi5, BlackPlanet ?......The era of the social network!

Everyday we turn on our laptops, or smart pads and connect to a source before we do anything else.

Usually that source is a social network.

We are seemingly addicted to plugging in to other's lives.

But what is it really all about?

The internet is a living, 'breathing' thing! A consciousness.

We decide what part of that consciousness we want to align ourselves to.

Look at your Facebook friends.  Look at their names..their aliases....their pictures....Read their posts. Are they largely ignorant, bitching, catty, sarcastic....or mostly political, revolutionary, philosophical? Know that you create your space in these social networks; It is an insight to the connections that you willfully make because of WHO YOU ARE.

Check out your twitter timeline. Is it mostly uplifting, full of movers and shakers, thinkers and consciousness,.....or riddled with mindless banter to fill up the spaces between your obligations?

The people we log in to watch, stalk or interact with...are an extension of our consciousness.

So when you log in again, or no doubt go back to the Facebook or twitter page that is already open on your browser, take a look at the opportunities you have opened your spirit to by who you've chosen...because of where you are in your life.

LIKE your existence enough to build it and not contaminate it!

Retweet a version of yourself that you are proud of!

I realized that social networks weren't always what I was made to believe they were, places to connect to OTHERS and meet people. They are ways to open your eyes to all the extensions of your self and your desires.



  1. Good nuggets here Dale. I would say that I've got an interesting mix (all of the above) on my Facebook friends list. To be honest, many days I've had the mind to delete a few folks based on them displaying what I considered to be "the height of dumbness". But guess what, they're still there...for the laughs, for their blatant courage, and because I feel that everyone has something to contribute and have grown to understand that it takes All Kinds of People To Make a World.

    1. So true Joretta! It takes a mature mind to realize that there are all kinds of people and accept them as they are.

      And too, it takes another kind of conviction and courage to accept them as they are, and yet not allow them to permeate your private space and willful attention. Sometimes.,..just sometimes...we're more afraid of how people will feel getting deleted...because if we leave it up to ourselves honestly and they would be gone. lol

      Cheers! And love your comment!