Thursday, May 5, 2011

The beginning of the Miseducation of Madison's Mom

  If the fairy tales of the Prince Charming that sweeps you off of your feet, and carries you to Happily Ever After, where The Stork makes intermittent visits to deliver children, was any indication of what being married with a child/children is like, then I have definitely been jipped!
My Prince Charming didnt swing me around and shout: "We're having a baby!" when I announced the big news. He never went out for late night cravings, never wanted to rub my back or feet, and told me that because I couldnt lift heavy objects and had nausea that was horrendous -  I must be milking my pregnancy.
  Did I say Charming? ...Well, perhaps the charm came when he gave me a pedicure when I could no longer see or reach my feet, and perhaps how he would shake the baby's hand in my tummy, or sit with me and assure that he was there for me when I was hormonal and sure that everything was falling apart.  Perhaps it was when he would tell me he had no idea why anyone thought my nose was large or that I was unattractive, and still took me out to eat  (Even though I and everyone else knew that I was looking quite AWFUL!.. :-) What a guy!  :-) >3 So...perhaps charm doesnt alwaysc ome in the package that we were expecting it to.
  The most charming thing about my prince would have to be the way he stayed by my side when the Stork came to visit us for the first time. He was there for as long as I wanted him to be, and whenever I called.  He stayed until the Stork rested her safely in my arms.
Did I say Stork? Well...Noone told me that the lovely, white ,fluffy, graceful looking bird with the neatly tied bundle was actually 17 hours of labour!
The painless, stretchmarkless Stork promised to me in all the countless story books I read, manifested as shameless moaning and groaning in pain. Trying to convince the doctors that I needed a bathroom and painkillers.
All those times I had sat in Birthing classes with my doula and announced that I was going AU Natural as the Superwoman who's body was made to give birth - was now coming back to haunt me.  Au Natural I went, ....earning my womanhood.
And when my eyes met my baby girl ...and Prince Charming's eyes met mine..he looked at me and kissed me..all was right with the world again!
What beautiful eyes! Oh how she stared into my soul! Was she living inside of me all along? A baby so beautiful, with eyes so wide and wise and brave? How many more hours of labour -AU Natural I would have braved again with my Prince just to have my healthy, smiling, beautiful baby girl, all ten fingers..all ten toes....beautiful and healthy.  And her Name suited her wonderfully I knew in that very moment. My Madison Danielle Marshall.
The fairy tales may not have gotten it quite right.......but there is still so much beauty in the truth to be told.
This was only the beginning..of the Miseducation..of Madison's Mom.

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