Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ooooh Lala!

What a lovely Day!

  A little shampoo and suds around the toes can really invigorate a lady!

  I spent an awesome day at La Belle Beauty Salon and also at the Spa.

  First I got my hair done up. It was so wonderful to sit down and just get my hair done! Simple pleasures are appreciated so much more when you are a working mother!

  My spa experience had to have been THE highlight of my day.
   After my husband so graciously rang my phone wondering when I would get home so that he could go to play his Sunday game, I wondered aloud to myself.  Didnt he know it was Me day?

  I went to La Spa at Labelle and patiently waited on my appointment while a lady and her adorable 4 year old went in for mother and daughter pedicures. Listening to her excitement and restlessness was sheer comedy and chicken soup for my soul. :"The flower is tooooo small" she told the lady doing her pedicures. She was afraid her friends at swimming wouldn't be able to see it.  LOL!

  After waiting and having her come out and show me her awesome sparkly blue toes, I contemplated when I would take my little sugar dumplin' with me to get a pedi. :-)

  Once I sat in the chair and got that ooohhhhh so yummy warm neck roll, plunged my feet into a tub of warm brilliant blue water, and felt the vibrating massage of the comfy leather chair on my back...I felt soooooooooooooooo at ease and relaxed.

I plopped down and exchanged pleasantries with the "pedicurist" Tina ( I used that name because I am not sre of the true title) and then opened the latest edition of O magazine and got lost in the asian recipes and latest beauty miracles.

  " Are you O.K Dale?" She asked. " Would you like some tea?"  WOW!!!! I love tea. But I had to hide my excitement and politely asked for the choices and decided on some green tea. Ahhhhhhhh - the simple pleasures!!!!!

She bought it in for me and it was just the right temperature and just the right sugar.

  The calming sounds of the spa music playing and the water bubbling around my feet below me, coupled with her expert pedicure skills and my magazine!!!...welllll.....I was just having one of theeee absolute best half hours!

  After some time, I began asking her some beauty advice and she graciously obliged.

  I really appreciated that she had given me the time to unwind and knew that tea would have been a great compliment to the service and still was very friendly in talking to me about beauty treatments.

  Later on we shared conversation about our daughters, school, nail polish, beauty products, names, birthday parties and astrological signs.
  By the time I left I had shown her some of my party crafts and told her about the ocean of secrets in my purse. LOL
  She was absolutely wonderful!!! If you see her tell her I said so.

  What a wonderful day to spend an afternoon.

  Some people need roses, a lear jet, champagne, brunch, diamonds, ...etc.... But that me time was priceless for me.

  I left the plaza a few hundred dollars short of how I came in , hair - 18 inches of blown out highlighted remi, feet smooth and french manicured, hands trendy in OPI shattered polish  and a large exfoliating milk and honey spa scrub in hand.


But it was so worth it.

I came back home a less stressed wife and mom. And felt so happy that my mother took the time out of her day to stay with my baby girl while I was out being made to remember the joys of femininity.


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